About Jaelen

I recently graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts, Technology and Emerging Communications; I was also part of the Games Pathway. I have a passion for game design, and hope to earn my Master's degree. I would love the opportunity to start my career as a Level Designer.

A message from Jaelen:

"Many people I know have a negative view of gaming, they see it as a waste of time with no positive associations however, for me, it is just the opposite. I am a member of an online gaming community through which I broadcast or stream my game play with other members of the community. Through this channel, I have made numerous friends from all over the country; we don’t just play games, we share stories and experiences from our lives, give and receive advice without judgment and much more. My online gaming community consists of peers from all walks of life, all nationalities, and cultures. I even have a good friend with a disability which makes playing difficult but doesn’t hold him back from being a great player. In my experience, online game play bridged a gap that I could not otherwise fill. When I am playing, my insecurities no longer haunt me; I have confidence, pulling me out of my shell. In addition, this community provides a forum for collaboration, we utilize our skills to troubleshoot and develop strategy.

Through these interactions, I have dreamed up so many ideas for future games and direction. This is one area where I am confident, I am not afraid to share my ideas and I do really well! As a result, I have decided that I want to go down the path of game design and development. I now imagine the opportunity to turn my passion into my livelihood and I could not be more excited at the prospect."